Wedding planning software And Wedding planning books.

Not having the right wedding planning software or wedding planning books when planning your perfect day will only make the whole wedding planning process more difficult than it already is, take my word for it I tried plenty of different wedding planning software programs but all they ended up doing was causing me headaches trying to get to grips with how to use them, not only that once I had worked out how to use them they didn’t really help in the organization and the planning process as much as I had hoped, so I nearly gave up and thought I better stop wasting time and money, until I was shown a certain wedding planning book that came with the most easy to use wedding planning software, I really can’t stress enough how this one bit of software helped me, let alone the wedding planning book that guides you from start to finish.


Let me list some of the things that wedding planning software will help you with.


What You Get With The Wedding Planning Software

1: Calculates how much you should spend on each item based on the budget amount you choose. This totally eliminates the worry and guesswork of “How much should I spend on this.

2: Creates visual seating charts for every guest and every table. Lets you design the reception room as is and preview how the room will look like as you design it! (This is so easy to use)

3: Automatically keeps track of your budget and your expenses so you will never go over budget as it keeps track of exactly how much you are spending and how much you have left.

4: You’ll know at a glance how much you are spending on absolutely everything (from the ceremony, venue hall, rehearsal/reception, caterers, wedding cake, photographer/video, music/entertainment, flowers, invitation, postage and many more). It’s like having a full-time accountant and qualified wedding planner helping you to manage and track all your wedding expenses.

5: Gives you a built-in, chronologically-ordered “what To-Do List” (you’ll know exactly what you have to do from start to finish!), which you can view on a item-by-item basis along with its due date, in a monthly calendar view,

6: Keep track of all deadlines (e.g. flower deposits and ordering date, church/reception hall deposits, catering company deadlines, photography appointments, etc) If there is something that has to be kept track of this will do it for you,  this really is an Amazing Wedding Planner” it will never miss a deadline.


7: it has a Name changing kit that makes the name changing process simple with built-in forms, checklists, and other helpful resources.


8: Counts down the number of days until your wedding so you don’t get off schedule by even one day.


9: Gives you all the resources and tools to plan the perfect honeymoon.

These are just a few of the things the wedding planning software does for you not forgetting the planning book but put them both together and planning your wedding day will be a walk in the park, believe me I am by no means an organized person so this was a complete life saver for me and that’s why I want to let people know that planning the perfect wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, it should be one of the best parts of the whole wedding process, buying the dresses, ordering the flowers, finding the venue and so on, with using wedding planning books and wedding planning software the whole thing is made so easy, so from one person who has been where you are now to another person looking for the answer to their perfect wedding have a look at this, you won’t be sorry.
(Click here to see the book and software that got me my perfect wedding day)