Wedding Planning Books

So you’re getting married well you have come the right place when it comes to getting your wedding planning books, now as you know by now planning your perfect wedding or just planning a wedding is quite a daunting task for anyone to undertake. So where do you begin, I mean there is so much to consider booking venues, sorting out guest list, food catering, drinks for the guest the list goes on, now if your lucky enough and have stacks of money then that’s great hire someone else to sort the wedding plans out for you, and just have your input when you think you need it after the initial discussion with the wedding planner to what you want. But for people like me the best choice was to do the whole thing myself with a wedding planning book this book was a life saver it lead me through every process to organize the perfect wedding even if you are on a budget which most people are these days.

What to look for in good wedding planning books

When looking for wedding planning books there are several things to consider, does it give you all the information you need to be able to source all the things you want for your wedding day, like caterers or were to find good recommended caterers for good prices to fit your planning budget, how to find a good venue, what people should be doing on the day e.g. what the groom should be doing, best man etc. Were people sit at the venue, theses are only a few things but I bet you can think of more, also does the book have enough writing space for all your notes how is it laid out is it easy to understand. Maybe you just after something that can help you just organize your plans with spread sheets e.t.c. there are plenty of them around.

Being new to the whole wedding thing maybe you rely on someone that has already been married for advice but they aren’t there all of the time and you won’t like to keep bugging them so you need help from somewhere else “this is what I found anyway” so wedding  planning books are the answer. Other things to you want from your planning guide is for it to supply you with ideas and help you generate ideas for the big day like what food, what music, how to decorate the room what sort of flowers, the list goes on.

My Final Piece of Advice on Wedding Planning Books

I’m going to finish this post now and leave you with a little bit of advice from someone who has been where you are now, don’t make you wedding plans turn into your worst nightmare enjoy the planning process as you will only be doing it once in your life, the big day  is for one day so enjoy the lead up to it as much as you can, you can do this by getting a wedding planning book, as it really helped me to enjoy the whole organizing process from start to finish.