Hello and welcome to the about page for wedding planning books, I created this sit for the sole purpose of making peoples life allot easer when it comes to organizing their wedding  day.

As I know from my personal experience how hard it is to organize your wedding day with all the other things going on in your life, such as work, shopping, running your house hold the list goes on, so instead of your wedding day being one of the best days or your life it becomes one of the most stressful, as the lead up to it is so demanding on your time and mental state.

So if there is something that can make all this allot more enjoyable and make life so much easier wouldn’t you do it, that’s what I did and it made the wedding experience the one I had always wanted and expected, this was because everything was organised, easy to find and laid out all for me so all I had to do was follow along.

So the reason for this site is to direct you in the right direction so you too can have the wedding you always wanted without the stress in-between.