Planning a small wedding on a budget, might seem like you are trying to cut cost but me personally think that planning a small wedding is somewhat more a intermit affair, were as at a big wedding everyone seems to keep to themselves and don’t mix with each other so the day becomes very formal and not one to remember, and yes a small wedding is going to be great for your budget and the overall cost not to mention making it easier to organize.

So let me give you some of my tips for planning a small wedding on a budget.

Small Wedding Food Ideas

Let’s say you want to invite 30 people to your small wedding, with this number of people you wouldn’t worry about a caterer as you can get friends and family can handle this sort of buffet or even do the buffet yourself with a little help, or even book a meal at your local restaurant, this will drastically keep the wedding budget to a minimum, as some caterers are extremely expensive.

Small Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Small wedding planning on a budget can be made easy if you just let go and stop worrying what you think people are thinking after all this is your wedding day not theirs, so as long as you are happy with the outcome then that’s perfect, the reason I say this is because everyone in today’s society is pressured into having the best of everything or having what the last person had so with the ceremony think small but neat, having the wedding ceremony at a local park under a pretty gazebo, you may have to apply for a permit to do this, or even having the wedding in someone’s back yard who has a nice back drop, going to a small local chapel, or even at your home it’s all about how you dress it up. You might even be an enthusiast of some sort like sky diving or walking in the hills where there are beautiful backdrops these are places, obviously not everyone can go sky diving or even walk to the top of a mountain but this is your small wedding planning on a budget so think out the box.

Small wedding reception ideas

Small Wedding planning ideas are much like the ones above, you could simply have the reception at your home or at a friend’s house, even in your local park under a selection of gazebos, you could simply have everyone gather at a local club, if you talk to the person who owns the club I am sure he will be happy to give you a room if he knows there are paying customers.

Keep in mind that small wedding planning on a budget is all about not going for the expensive options like flashy invitation cards, expensive gifts for all the bridesmaids, tons of flowers amazing venues, all this can be done for a lot less money you just have to put your mind to it, a wedding planning guide is what helped me get the best wedding on a budget, it lead me from start to finish on how to get the best out of everything for the very best prices, without a wedding planning book I would have been completely lost but with it the whole wedding planning process was a breeze.