How wedding planning books stop your wedding from being a disaster.

Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life, but what if everything went wrong, do you think you could cope with that, after everything you have done to make the wedding day one to remember, one of the best suggestions or tips I can give you for perfect wedding planning is looking at wedding planning books, below is some storeys of things that did go wrong for people on their wedding day due to poor planning and organisation and not being guided in the right direction.

Check and double check for perfect wedding Planning.

Imaging ordering all the wedding invitations only to receive them and find there were spelling mistakes or even worse spelling someone’s name wrong like the father in-laws, usually these go out as soon as you get them and there isn’t time or money to get any more printed, and all this is down to poor planning by using wedding planning books this won’t be a worry as everything inside the book will have a complete check list of what to look out for so you can check and double check leaving you safe in the knowledge everything is correct, and perfect.

There another story I have heard about were the wedding couple dint take into account that having a n outside wedding could be a problem with the weather, an amazing oversight but one that was missed and guess what it rained, all day so everything had to moved inside which would of been ok I guess if there was enough room for all the guest, not only that but the entertainment had to be cancelled due to there not being enough room, the caterers had to stay outside in makeshift tents, whilst people ran back and forth trying not to get wet, the list went on all because of the weather, top it all off the caterers only brought enough food for 190 gust when there was well over 240 so people were picking of other peoples plates as they had been waiting all day for something to eat, some people probably even went off to find something to eat at a nearby shopping centre or bar, maybe even going home early because of the whole situation now that isn’t my idea of a perfect weeding day.

Now perfect wedding planning isn’t always possible but planning for the worst is so if this wedding couple had of just seen past there perfect wedding ideas and maybe budgeted a little better they wouldn’t of had this problem, they could of picked a better venue or even had marquee with a venue that if it was windy as well as raining they could go inside, once again with wedding planning books this is explained in full so you don’t over look the details that sometimes you can’t see due to the fact you are getting carried away with the whole perfect wedding day.

I know form experience of my own wedding how easy it is to over look thing for your wedding as there are so many things to remember, if I listed even half the things the list would be pretty big so that’s why I suggest buying a wedding planning book for your perfect wedding planning as i want you to have the best day of your life and enjoy organizing the event as well.