Perfect Wedding Planning With Wedding Planning Books

Perfect wedding planning can only be achieved in my experience with complete organisation and keeping track of everything, so using wedding planning books is without a doubt a complete must if you are going to have the wedding day you have always dreamed of. Now if you have the budget then by all means employ a wedding planner but for people like me that wasn’t an answer as I needed every penny to have the day I wanted plus if you keep organized in the planning process you will enjoy every moment and take pride in the fact that you organised the whole day, let me list some reasons why I used a wedding planning book so I could have my dream day with no financial setbacks and problems along the way.

Now if you are not very well organised and tend to let your imagination run away with your budget, then this is going to be a recipe for disaster without keeping track of your finances and what has been ordered  for the wedding, so keeping track is a vital part for the perfect wedding day, using wedding planning books allow you to do this with ease with graphs and spread sheets as well as helping you with tips were to get the best deals on things, like flowers, favours, suites, car hire e.t.c. the list goes on, they also tell you what to look out for so you know that you are getting the best of everything for the best price so you don’t end up getting let’s say an entertainer that not only is expensive but not very good.

Wedding Planning books or Wedding Planning Software

There are two sorts of wedding planning guides one will come in the form of a hard or soft back cover, the other in the form of wedding planning software, without a doubt I prefer the software type as there is so much more information that is given to you also you have endless amounts of graphs and spread sheets that can be easily printed of, this sort of planning software un-like the hard back books can’t get lost or damaged and everything you record will be saved so you don’t have to worry were it is, also the whole tips and guide sections can be sent to your smart phone so you can read them whenever you have a question.


In all wedding planning books will help you to have the perfect wedding day with as little stress as possible,, it will help you with a list of things such as when and how to invite guest, how and when you should be getting the dresses ready, what food to serve, types of decorations, and so on, also were to get everything for the best price and what to look out for so you don’t make mistakes.

Without a doubt having a wedding planning book will save you time, money and allot of stress, most of the organisation can be done at home so don’t have to go from shop to shop asking the same questions, unless you like shopping of course who doesn’t, but what I mean is you don’t have to stress yourself out in the knowledge that you are going to the best places for the best prices.